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Conquered Slave Lacing Leather Armbinder Red

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laced! Just the sort of extreme bondage we love! The Conquered Slave Zippered and Lacing Leather Armbinder has a quick zip closure with straps over the shoulders to keep in in place. Criss-cross those shoulder straps in front to keep them from wiggling out of it in case your slave is very flexible. The laces over the zippered closure mean this single glove style restraint will fit tight whether your slave is very flexible or not. Either way, you're covered. Well, your sub's arms are completely covered anyways. *wink*

Your bondage slave will really be in a bind when you put your slave in our Conquered Slave Zippered and Lacing Leather Armbinder! This leather armbinder is both strict and severe while being soft and demure. Just like your bondage slave right? 

They may consider trying to escape, but you and I both know that will never happen. Besides, they really wouldn't want to escape anyways from this butter-soft black leather lacing single glove restraint with black satin lining.

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