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Fixed Wrist and Ankle Spreader Bar with Locking

Wrist & Ankle Restraints
Item Code: SM-249
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USD $6.60
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    Red Black
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Adjustable Locking Wrist and Ankle Spreader Bar Specs and :

Material: (Cuffs) High quality leather material with felt interior; (Spreader Bar): Steel
Size (Wrist Cuffs): 12" in length, 2" in width
Size (Ankle Cuffs): 12.75" in length, 2" in width
Spreader Length: You can adjust the spreading width from 17" - 25.75" apart
These are locking cuffs. Locks are required for closure.
Cuffs use a felt interior for comfort during prolonged use
With your partner in this position have instant and easy access to the vagina and anus.


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