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Spanking Paddles
Item Code: SM-291
Unit Price:
USD $2.40
  • Color:
    Red Black
Wholesale Price:
  • Description
Product categoriesother
brandthe material world
Whether to importno
Commodity bar codeTwo hundred and eighty-two million four hundred and eleven thousand and one
Shelf lifeLong term available
texture of materialLeatherwear
Place of OriginZhejiang
functionSex toy
No.Two hundred and eighty-two million four hundred and eleven thousand and one
Brand typeDomestic brands
SpecificationsPink single layer XOXO, black single layer XOXO
Product category


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Product specifications No.:PE.11015-RSpecifications: Gram weight: Color:Black PinkInventory situation:Have spotremarks:   
production process   
Environmental protection material    
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