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About Products

1.About packing

using simple packing, every set packed in a plastic bag, and 12 sets in a big plastic bag.

(Some products have the specified box)


2.About size

Please refer to " size " section in each product for more details. 


3.About the Material

We use high quality fabric which can be easily stretched, Please refer to " Material " section in each product for more details.


4.About inventory

Website All products have a lot of inventory.Please feel free to buy!!!


5.About product Damage

If the goods are received, the product is found to be damaged. can not work normally.
Please contact us. We will give you to solve these problems!


6.Do you accept OEM condition and what is minimum quantity for OEM condition?

Yes ,OEM condition is welcomed and the minimum quantity depend on the items you order. And please send the clearly model pictures which you want to order to us, we will submit them to our Cooperative factory which has the ability to do this product, and we will give you an accurate quote according to the material you want.



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